*Congratulations 8th Graders! (see video below)

Friday, May 15                            Join us today for whole grade class Meets!

                                                     7th Grade - 1:00                  8th Grade - 2:00

We will discuss some end of the year business, play a game, take a group photo (screenshot), and have a parting address from Mr. Becker!

Hope to see you all there!


COGNIA TESTING  (link) - Look to your LITERACY Google Classroom at 9:00 am for directions and access codes.

(Usernames and passwords should have been emailed on Monday, May 11 - CHECK YOUR EMAIL!)

Test is ONLY OPEN from 9:00 AM TO 12:00 PM (noon).  You may enter the test at any time between those hours.  

You will only take ONE test each day - no other new assignments!


May 12

Cognia Test - Reading 1

May 13

Cognia Test - Reading 2

JH & HS Supply Pick Up

If you missed these, please contact the office!

May 14

Cognia Test - Math 1

Even though this is Math - still go to LITERACY Classroom for access codes.


Cognia Test - Math 2


from e-Learning due today at NOON!


You have until Friday, May 15 @ noon to complete ANY / ALL outstanding assignments in ANY / ALL classes.  If you complete just 80% of the work in any class (in most cases, that amounts to 12 /15 lessons), your 3rd quarter grade will go up by one letter for 2nd semester.  That's a great opportunity!  

YouTube Video


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Washington, D.C. Trip - Postponed until May 2021!