Welcome to Le Roy Jr. High School!

Important Dates

Oct. 18 - End of 1st Quarter
                PAWS Reward - Toy Story 4 @ The Princess

Oct. 19 & 20 - JH Musical


Jr. High Athletes- Panther Cards are coming home!  Each athlete is encouraged to talk with friends, family members, and neighbors to try and sell Panther Cards.  Athletes will get 10 cards and cards are $20 each.

-Jr. High Athletes, please have your MONEY and CARDS turned in to Mr. Conn by Tuesday, October 15th (Tuesday after Columbus Day)


-Sell at least 5 cards and get a pizza party on Oct 18th!

-Sell 10 and you get a free card to sell and you keep the $

2018 - 2019 Yearbooks are here!

$20 to Mrs. Arteman

(cash or check payable to LHS)

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2020 Washington, D.C. Trip

Registration Due: Tuesday, October 15!

(Contact Mrs. Arteman for late registration information.)

Trip dates:

May 21-24, 2020

$1499 - based on 40 travelers

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PAWS Criteria
            ALL students are eligible for PAWS unless the following occurs:
        • three strikes* total (any combination of teachers)
        • detention during month
        • no lunch money from previous month (2nd offense - out for year)
            *Strikes are given for various reasons including behavior and missing assignments at  teachers’ discretion.  Students are responsible for asking their teachers about strikes.  Each teacher does not necessarily know the others’ reasons for individual strikes.